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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Random Spurts of Simminess

Pose Player is SO AWESOME I think I just died :D

Yes, it's a little late but seriously, WHO CARES? I've had a lot of fun doing photoshoots with the potential spouses for Jack Houston...*eyebrow wiggle*

Speaking of a Houston, have you read my new update on the legacy? I'm sure you have, but anyhoo, Chapter 8 is out and has been out for a while now, I'm just grabbing a few pics for the next update which might be out sometime over the next week...oh, and also AJ's baby's a boy (gosh darn it) so I'll just go into a save slot from further back and...ehem, cheat a little (go MC) so that I can change the sproglet's gender to an eligible heir...ah well, I'm sure nobody will notice. Right? Actually, forget I said anything. Just...forget it, mmkay?

Well, I have to go now so I might post my piccies another time.


1 comment:

  1. Lol.
    I don't have pose player, mods mess up my game because my computer can't handle them, but my dad's building me a new computer so hopefully i'll get it then.