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Friday, 15 April 2011

The Great CC Disaster (sort of)

I don't even know what to say. I can't think of anything funny, or witty, or ANYTHING to say as my opening sentence, so you've just got this instead. Ha-ha.

I am perturbed by something. I opened up my game, and was immediately concerned when the intros played. Y'see, I have a no-intro mod, and when the EA logo popped up when it wasn't meant to, I was disturbed. I thought the mod had suddenly stopped working for some reason, so I proceeded to wait for the main menu to load. I noticed it was considerably faster than before, and so presenting more evidence that something had happened. The main menu appeared, and there was no info screen about the mods that I had, so I was very worried. So I went to the CAS world and popped into CAS for a while and guess what?



Nothing there. Zip. Nada. Nil. Zero.

Which REALLY sucks. So I exited the game to check that my CC was in the Mods and Packages folder, and they were. I was confused so I took out my most recently downloaded items. I have yet to load up my game, and the last time this happened was when I tried to combine all my .package files, which didn't go so well. Thankfully I had created two backup folders for my CC so I wouldn't lose it forever.

It's not as if ALL my CC was gone - I mean, the .sims3packs were still there, so it wasn't as if some freak accident came along and wiped out ALL the CC in my game, so I guess it's not all bad but...

ALL MY PWETTY ANUBIS HAIR! AND MY POSES! AND MY MODS! And now I can't change the legacy babbeh's gender because MC is gone too! Oh, woe is me!

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