Friday, 10 June 2011

I am officially in a modelling competition! WOOT!

OK, so I joined Cycle 2 of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, hosted by Felicia! I've just submitted my Assignment 2 picture for the judges to...well, judge. Yay! I'm pretty glad it's a non-elim competition, because it's my first one, apart from one that died which I got a really bad score in, heh...

So this cycle is career themed, so we need to depict our models in a job. Assignment 1 was in the fashion industry - here's my entry:

Lola was ecstatic when she got the job as PA for Delaney Edwards, the editor for Smokin' Sims - one of the most notorious fashion magazines in the world. She imagined herself in a sleek office, typing away on a laptop. However, the truth turned out to be different - Delaney was bossy, and demanded that her requirements were met. Every hour she sent down for a cappuccino with non-fat milk and whipped cream, and woe betide Lola if she dared get it slightly wrong. She was kept on her feet all day, making phone calls and bringing up paperwork to Delaney, to the point where she almost collapsed on the shiny leather sofa.
So that was that. I got these scores:

14th Place (tie) - JewelsRule & Lola 107/150
Felicia - Attention to Detail- 8/10Fun Factor- 5/10Creativity- 3/5Originality- 4/5Overall Appearance/Quality- 8/10Requirements- 8/10Total - 36/50
I thought that this was a fairly ok photo. The quality is good. My main problem with it, is that I had to take major points away because of the fun factor. I like to see reasons why these jobs are awesome, and your model does not seem to be having a good time with it. However, your quality is good, and your idea was original. So...good job with that! Smile
Bliss - Attention to detail 7Fun Factor 5Creativity 2Originalility 3Overall Apperance/Quality 7Requirements 7Total 31/50
Comments - I really liked this photo Jewels but the most important part of this competition and every assignment is to keep a FUN factor to the photo. This felt more of a stressed apperance coming from ur model and had NO fun factor to me at all. This cost you fun factor points and requirement points. I did however love the idea of ur entry and I think if maybe you would have take a slightly different approach to this entry ur score would have come out much better Smile 

Early - Attention to Detail- 7/10Fun Factor- 7/10Creativity- 4/5Originality- 4/5Overall Appearance/Quality- 8/10Requirements- 10/10Total - 40/50
Aww, poor Lola! I really love your idea. However not the most creative, it's pretty typical. This pic was not bad, it has so much potenital, but I feel it's really plain. Some clutter on Delaney's desk, a picture on the wall, anything! Lola's pose is perfect, it's just too bad I can't see her face Sad Also, I had to take off points for the Fun Factor, as it seems Lola was not having fun. Overall, not bad!

Which was actually quite pleasing for my first assignment ever. At least I didn't come last, but the people who came first TOTALLY deserved it!

So, in Assignment 2 was when your model runs away to join the circus, which was fun and a really great challenge! I just submitted it there now, so here it is:

It was simple, really - why Lola ran away to join the circus. You see, her family and friends were homophobic, and as it turned out, Lola fell in love with her old boss - Delaney Edwards. They had formed a great friendship over the past month or so, but soon Lola realised that she wanted more than that. She expressed her feelings to Delaney, and Delaney confessed that she felt the same way - but it was just too complicated. The stress of rejection just turned out to be too much, so she spilled all to Laura O'Reilly, who was disgusted. Her family found out and kicked her out of the house, and while she was looking for a place to stay she saw a poster for the travelling circus. Secretly, she adored horses, and working with them and before long, she was able to do her first ever performance as a horseback gymnast! Lola loved her new job, and really excelled at it
It was so fun to do, finding Lola the right hairstyle and clothes was a challenge in itself, but getting the "circus tent" (which was actually just a colourful wall :P) was SO HARD I nearly gave up on the idea! I just wanted an excuse to use that hair on Lola since I love it so much. Also, I love Lola so much too. SQUISH!

I can't wait to see the other entries for this round. I think this photo is a lot more fun.

Oh, here's a link to the competition: