Thursday, 24 February 2011

Taking Sunset Valley by Storm!

That's what 3 girls are doing in my game. Hikari (who I downloaded from Anubis360's blog), AJ (founder of my legacy) and Bethany (Skipper's Simself) all moved into a seemingly small shack, only to find that it contained a set of stairs that led down to an underground house! How epic is THAT!?

Here's the house while it was being built. I accidentally took a picture and then thought "What the heck, I couldn't be bothered deleting it so I should just shove it in my blog." So I did. As you can see my game is glitchy so when I place something these annoying little plus signs pop up and won't go away until I enter Live Mode and unpause the game, after which they all explode into a shower of sparkles. Drives me nuts.
So, here's Hikari. Cute, huh? As I stated above I downloaded her from Anubis360 and gave her a bit of a makeover to suit my needs. Justin Bieber hair, anyone? (I still don't know how to spell that guy's name. Is it Beiber or Bieber? I should really Google that...)

And, here's AJ Houston, founder of The Neon Matriarchy! And ain't that puppy-dog-concentration-face so dayum CUTE!? Why don't any of the toddlers make that face? My laptop would explode with cuteness!

And here's Bethany Skippers, a Simself of some randomer from TS3 website. XD But I liked her hair so I downloaded her, then I just thought, "I need someone else in this household. Let's see...Goth? Nope. Emo? Nope. Slut? Nope. Skipper? OH YEAH!" She's playing video games with AJ in this pic.

On this HUGE plasma screen TV that I downloaded from MTS. And as you can see it's just the epitome of female gaming, though I'm probably being sexist here. Yep, I am. Sorry.

Moving on! So, what I enjoy doing is getting my Sims a VR machine, having one of them play it then using MoveObjects On, I grab it and move it to some random place, creating some bizarre photo opportunities, such as these:

 The above is possibly my favourite photo, apart from the one above it.

So after a photo spree, I go to check back on the other two.

Still being non-stereotypically female, I see. How's it going, girls?
"Hah! You crashed into a lamp post!"
"Well, hah! You crashed into a tree!"
"Don't push me off that bridge!"
"Don't push me off that Empire State Building!"
I'm not even going to ask how a car got on the Empire State Building...

...and then Skip went to explore the catacombs. Fun! In the middle of the night I sent dear Hikari to the graveyard to see if she could catch herself a ghost guy but no such luck. The phantoms never came, so there was no opportunity...just a "Creepy Graveyard" negative moodlet. Then, I saved, and 5 minutes later my game crashed to my desktop. Charming.

And here I leave you, with some mini-spoilers to my next legacy update! (I would suggest not scrolling down if you want to be surprised when I update again.)

Happy Simming!

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Hello and Welcome to JewelsRule's Sims 3 blog! How about a picture post to start us off?

Hello, how are you? How'd you get here? This is my Sims 3 blog where I'll be posting updates on my random Simmies' lives, general stuff related to Sims, and maybe some spoilers for my next legacy update...*wink wink* So, enjoy your stay, and here are a couple of pictures!

I love scenery pictures :D

I also love glitches!

Oh, look! My Simself being weird!

"How dare you play guitar when I am in the room. Inferior creature."

So, enjoy the blog! Have a nice day!