Saturday, 24 September 2011

I've been a bad, bad blogger.

No updates since June 10th? THIS IS SPARTAAAA!

Anyway, I think you should know some news. I have recently bought Generations and I love it! That new "The Claw" animation is adorbs <3

Where are those pictures from? Well, I might as well do some shameless plugging of my newest legacy: (hey, it's my blog, I can do what I want with it! :P)

The Rockwell Family Legacy!

It's quite a contrast to the Neon Matriarchy, which - alas! alack! - is dead and gone now. It's a shame, really. Still, I'm getting a brand hew start with this one, and it's got more humour in it this time! It has no plot whatsoever, so I won't have to do any hard thinking about "WTF am I going to do with this generation!?"

Also, I have joined Mark's competition, Le Raunche, and recently turned in Assignment 2.

It's meant to be a magazine cover. I'm not completely happy with it but hey, whatever. At least it's non-elim :D The model's name is Aaliyah, and I created her to be African-American. I think she's gorgeous and I may put her up for download soon!

And speaking of non-elim, I have joined GJWHF Cycle 3 with a little more experience! This was my assignment 2 pic and I am MAHOOSIVELY proud of it!

Bellamy has always had a deep love for elephants. When she was a child, her parents took her to the zoo where she first saw these animals which had captivated and entranced her since the moment she heard one trumpet - she was in awe of the loud sound they made when her voice wouldn't even make a whisper.

When she was 18, she took a trip to Kenya to see the wildlife and the first thing she wanted to see were the elephants. On September 22nd, Elephant Appreciation Day, Bellamy finally saw her favourite animal close up and it made her fall even more in love with them, and she twirled about with happiness every time one of them trumpeted. She adored them so much that she dragged her sleeping bag down to where she saw the herd and lay it down. She planned to rest for the night - or at least a while - with these gorgeous animals that she adored so much!

This model is called Bellamy Whitefield, and I personally think she is the prettiest Sim I've ever created <3 In this cycle of GJWHF it's all about portraying months. This month was March and since I love elephants, I chose to do March 22nd, Elephant Appreciation Day! :D I absolutely adore this picture so much.

I also joined Bad Girls Society, another comp hosted by Fel! I won the last round with this picture and made it into the final 10:

The model is Constance Shelley since we had to make over an EA-made Sim. I was most pleased with this result and yesterday I turned in my Assignment 5 picture, which I can't show you because it's private until Fel posts all of the entries. This competition is an elimination competition so I really need to work as hard as possible on my pictures! I feel my pictures have improved so much since GJWHF Cycle 2. You should compare the last post and this post to see the full effect :P I'm up against the big guns now that I'm in the final 10 so I've got to get my game on!

In other news, I joined an unofficial forum a while back and it's way less uptight than the officials! I have made a lot of friends there and the atmosphere is really laid back! You can find it here!

Well, I think that's all for now! BYEEE!

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