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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Hello and Welcome to JewelsRule's Sims 3 blog! How about a picture post to start us off?

Hello, how are you? How'd you get here? This is my Sims 3 blog where I'll be posting updates on my random Simmies' lives, general stuff related to Sims, and maybe some spoilers for my next legacy update...*wink wink* So, enjoy your stay, and here are a couple of pictures!

I love scenery pictures :D

I also love glitches!

Oh, look! My Simself being weird!

"How dare you play guitar when I am in the room. Inferior creature."

So, enjoy the blog! Have a nice day!


  1. Ahoy from Cape Town,
    Love the Sims. They also taught me the value of a maid.

  2. Ah, maids are useless! :D Have you hired a babysitter yet? I have had bad experiences with them...some are even worse than the nannies from Sims 2! And those were terrible.